Air Pressure Amplifiers from Haskel

Air pressure amplifiers from Haskel are characterized by simple and reliable design that has been around for more than 40 years. There are variants of amplifiers; single acting - single stage, double acting - single stage, and two-stage models. The greater the ratio between inlet and outlet pressure the more stages are required. A single stage booster can handle a ratio of 1:25 and a two stager can handle a ratio of 1:100.

Pressure amplifiers from Haskel have a seal between the operating air and the pumped air (gas). If this seal was to leak, the pumped gas will enter the operating part and be routed out through the muffler.

The cooling system is also of a simple design. Cool exhaust air is routed through a muffler that is aimed towards the high pressure part of the unit, cooling it. The two stage models do not have cooling between the stages except for the cooling effect of the air (gas) that passes through the connecting line between the stages.


The amplifiers are primarily intended for pumping air but they can also handle other gases. They are not to be used with oxygen. The amplifiers can handle the same amount of inbound pressure as outlet pressure for each stage.

We can deliver the amplifiers with many different modifications, for example for operations with low operating pressure, external pilot, stroke counter etc.

The model number is made up by an arrangement of letters followed by a number combination. The letters describe the type of pump and the numbers the area ratio. At large differences between the intake and output pressures we recommend a two stage booster or even a combination of one stage and two stage boosters.


Each pump has an induvial serial number indicating the month, year and order number.

In the table below you can see the available models and their maximum outlet pressure.

A catalogue with calculations can be found under the tab DATASHEETS AND CALCULATIONS.


ModelPressure (bar)
HAA31-2.5N 22
HAA31-3.5N 31
HAA31-4.5N 41
4AAD-2 17
AA-8 170
AA-15 153
AAD-2 20
AAD-5 85
AAD-15 170
AAD-30 306
AAT-7/30 306
AAT-15/30 306
AAT-30/50 340
8AAD-2 20



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