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Hydraulic Servo

HYDMOS is marketing the step motor powered hydraulic servo from the Swiss manufacturer Curtis Wright Antriebstechnik (previously SIG). These servos are characterized by their unique design which gives them very fast sequences combined with high positional accuracy.

There are cylinders and motors in the units but they also use valves.

The whole idea is based on feeding the entire motion directly, mechanically, to the valve slide. To accomplish a movement the stepper motor (and thread) is used to incline the valve slide, consequently the cylinder or motor starts to move. The movement is then fed directly to the valve slide, the cylinder does this with the help of a bolt in the piston rod that is guided through another thread so that the valve slide returns to the original position. The stepper motors movements are transferred and translated to the servo. For example the speed; by having the stepper motor operate faster the servo will run faster as well.

Each application is calculated individually and the unit is designed specifically for the purpose.

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